I learn something new every day in this new research mode I’m in, or at least try to.Recently I’ve been reading up on fragrances because they’re in just about everything in the beauty industry. Our shampoo, conditioner, lotions, make-up and perfumes and here is the crazy thing, the ingredientparfum could be any number of ingredients protected by a loophole that allows products to protect their “recipe” with undisclosed ingredients. Unless that recipe is made up of essential oils, those fragrances are typically a collection of chemicals and toxins that we breathe in and let sink into our skin and bloodstream. WHAT!? I was so shocked when I looked into it, aren’t there laws that protect us from things like this? I’m hopeful one day the FDA will dive deeper, but for now, they don’t require manufacturers to list the fragrance or parfum ingredients. One of the common chemicals used in the majority of the “fragrance” umbrella is a known carcinogen and hormone manipulator called phthalates. Again, my jaw is dropped… I’m not sure who started spreading the word, but thank you!

I’ve always loved perfumes. They’re beautiful, elegant, feminine and I have dreams of a darling little collection that I adore one day. Over the past few months, I’ve been looking for a new scent. Stopping by Sephora and perfume counters to douse myself in delicious notes of cinnamon and roses. I had no idea what was lingering beneath those “long-lasting” scents but I’m going to give them a big no thank you 🙅🏼‍♀️while I look for something more natural.



That’s when Skylar snuck into my inbox! Over a month ago I signed up for their Skylar Scent Club and get these darling packages each month with a brand new scent, encouraging message, a note about the benefiting charity inside. Their packaging says it all “Good Scents Come Naturally.” With eco-friendly packing peanuts included. They make simple and clean scents with their disclosed parfum ingredient of “Skylar's own fragrance blend with natural and essential oils." BOOM BABY!


I’m no ingredient expert and far from having “the dirty dozen” memorized or filtered through all my products. But I do feel more at ease when I find a brand I can trust. Skylar set their standards high with clean, natural (free of parabens and toxic chemicals… like phthalates that are specifically mentioned as never in their products), hypoallergenic, and cruelty-free (vegan and never tested on animals.) And I’m really excited to share them with y’a’ll, if you say the IG stories from opening my first box, you saw it in real life. My favorite part of my job is sharing new discovering I love and giving y’all a discount to enjoy them too! So here you go… WESTOFFELICITY10 gets you 10% all Skylar products including the Scent Club.

The April scent “Magic Bloom” very light, fresh floral.

The May scent “Vintage Rose” sweet, crisp and just yum! If you like sweeter smells, you LOVE this.


Thanks Skylar for sponsoring this post! All research and opinions are my own! Hope y’all enjoy!