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Melody Joy McMunn 

An abstract and imprssionistic artist who brings peace and joy to the canvas. Her work is  s t u n n i n g— I have some framed in our home AND  she was featued in Darling Media's Issue 23 - Immagination earlier this eary—.get it girl! Her work is as uplifting as her heart which is why we are so excited to spend Saturday sipping roses and celebrating the beauty of her art. 

Jillian Edwards

The founder, heart, and soul of The Deeply Co. As well as, an  unbelievable singer + songwriter out of Nashville. Her songs fill your heart with joy and your eyes with tears as the beauty of her music caries you away. The Deeply Co. is a combination of celebrations, conscious clothing, and online blog, all centered in extending love. They do it so well too, just wait until you say hallo!  

Sunkissed Blooms

Gretchen Horton makes bouquets as big as her heart! Natural, rustic, and whimsical her designs are inspired by love and intended to celebrate.

She'll be leading the Roses portion of our joyful gathering with a workshop to build and bring a littl epeiece our party home with you! 

We'll be chatting and cheersing in the bright and lovely, Daily Offering Coffee Roastery! They're space is simply spectacular and we love the heart and intetion that goes into every pastry, cup of coffee and warm welcome they serve up. 

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