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  • Two peoples skin can’t be the same, but they can both be their brightest and healthiest! So, keep reading for my routine of healthy habits, services, and products that enhance the beautiful glowing skin you already have.

  • Okay ladies… lace up those tennis shoes! Now that it’s warming up, we (I) can’t hide our holiday weight much longer haha. New years resolutions are a great idea, but when it’s freezing outside and I’m snowed in, getting to the gym isn’t very practical, and baking cookies is! Not to

  • Tea is a great way to invest in your tastebuds and your health. There are four main types of tea that I will get into; white, green, oolong, and black. Along with some of my favorite teas at the moment! These teas are categorized based on how they are fermented and processed (various

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