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  •  Chicago is a fly by the seat of your pants kind of city, or maybe that’s just me… Either way, I need a collection of comfortable casual wear that looks as good as it feels. Especially with fall just around the corner, I’ll be transitioning more and more to these blue beauties! The

  • For years I’ve been dreaming of the bright blue waters and dramatic mountains of Lake Louise in Banff National Park. I’ve scrolled through countless pictures and found myself lost in a Pinterest black hole of wanderlust, but nothing prepared me for the real thing. You can imagine my

  • Living out of a suitcase once again and with a heart set for wonder! We’re on an adventure North and Calgary, Canada is our first stop. I’ve been dreaming of setting my sights on the glory of the Rockies, but before we dive right into nature, I thought we’d do a little city living,

  • We wait all winter for the warmth and freedom of summer; a few glorious months to escape our home, office, studies, even cities for some much needed vacation. Hopefully you all are enjoying a balanced combination of leisure and adventure. I on the other hand, tend to find myself

  • Everyone loves a weekend getaway, especially when that weekend stretches through Tuesday! A few extra days for travel are a perfect excuse to hit the road and explore a new city. Gus and I drove down to Chattanooga for a little family vacation, complete with coffee shops, breweries,

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