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  • This is my first chia seed experiment at home, and I must say…it was a success! I’ve used flax seed for years now, which has very similar health benefits to chia seeds, but chia holds a slight edge over flax in nearly every competing category. (They still have a few differences, so

  • Healthy living is a choice, and I have to choose to take the steps that fuel a lifestyle of wellness. Diets and cleanses come and go, but habits stick around and keep my body from the enduring the rollercoaster of new trends and seasonal weaknesses; hello holidays!

  • I'm going to be completely honest with y'all... I have strayed from my usual workout regime since our move to Chicago. With a 50 hour work week, lovely family at home and blogging obligations (I'm very thankful for each of these) I've been a little short on time. Which is why I love

  • Okay ladies… lace up those tennis shoes! Now that it’s warming up, we (I) can’t hide our holiday weight much longer haha. New years resolutions are a great idea, but when it’s freezing outside and I’m snowed in, getting to the gym isn’t very practical, and baking cookies is! Not to

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