I’m Allison, welcome to West of Felicity!
West of Felicity encompasses my journey to living joyfully. Through this blog I hope to share my portals of joyful living and inspire others to do the same! I was first lead to joy through the void I had in happiness. Sounds odd, but after enjoying whatever it was that made me happy, that feeling would go away fleeting with the circumstances until the next thing came along. I learned I would continue to feed this void if I kept living for myself, trying to succeed in the eyes of the world around me. I have since found the fulfillment I never knew I needed, in Jesus Christ. Through Jesus, joy has overwhelmed my heart and with it I have come to love and do more than I ever thought I could!

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Monochrome in the fall with an off-white midi skirt and cozy sweater. The perfect outfit for a crisp picnic in Central Park! If you’re wondering what to do in New York City, this post is for you! – West of Felicity

I pondered the idea of creating this blog for an about a year. Honestly, I never thought writing a blog would be something I was interested in. So when I found myself seriously considering the idea, I prayed about it, making sure I had something worth while to create. Finding my niche was what set me on this new adventure, realizing that giving my life to Jesus has filled me with a joy and passion that I want to share with the world. Whether the world wants to read it… I guess I’ll find out. Learning the difference between happiness and joy in my life has been the path that led me to my faith, therefore, through an answered prayer I created West of Felicity.


In Genesis, God sends Adam and Eve east of Eden (Gods garden) for their sin, therefore sending them away from him. So, West represents moving toward God. The word felicity means intense happiness, symbolizing my life before Jesus. My journey toward joyful living is described by venturing toward God, turning my happiness into joy.

West of Felicity

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