I’m Allison, welcome to West of Felicity!
West of Felicity is my creative outlet for joyful living. Through this blog, I share avenues and resources to live a joyful life in hopes I can inspire others to do the same! You’ll soon see I enjoy and appreciate many things; food, fashion, fabrics… but my joy is centered in Jesus.  Oddly, I was led to joy through the void I had chasing happiness.  I slowly (very slowly)  learned that happiness is a fleeting feeling and I was running wherever I thought I might find it and holding on tight. Until, I found the fulfillment and steadfast presence of joy.  Through Jesus, joy has overwhelmed my heart, and with it, I’ve come to love and do more than I ever thought I could!

These days… you can find me soaking up the Windy City with my husband, Gus, and pup, Leroy. I’m an overly optimistic 20 something gal chasing neutral tones, cappuccinos, pastries, and Jesus. Helping others feel loved and joyful is what gets me going and fills me up. Which is why I started this blog and pour myself into it.  My mission is simply to serve you and have fun being creative in the process.

You’ll see a mixture of fashion, faith, baking, adventures and ALL the up and downs along the way. I’m sharing life, which is unpredictable and not always happy. But, it can be joyful, so I hope to help you find that sweet spot called JOY so we can live joyfully together!


Learning the difference between happiness and joy has led me to my faith. So, through a leap of faith (pun intended) and an answered prayer, I created West of Felicity!


In Genesis, God sends Adam and Eve East of Eden (away from him). The word Felicity means intense happiness, which describes my life before I knew Jesus. My journey to joyful living is moving West (toward God) who transformed my fleeting happiness into everlasting joy! West of happiness is joy. 

West of Felicity

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