• Until now, dresses have always been at the top of my list, you just slip them right on and you’re looking good. So easy! Jumpsuits are the same, except you step instead of slip and they make more of a statement. Which is always fun and why we get dressed up in the first place!

  • All hail the little details! The perfect handbag, fabulous shoes and sparkling jewelry that take a look from expected to perfected. It’s the little details that make a big difference, but those small staples don’t have to cost big bucks!

  • OVERSIZED SWEATER GUIDE + MY FALL BUCKET LIST A match made in heaven! Sweaters and fall fun go hand in hand, complimenting each other all the way through this crisp and tasty time of year. I’ve picked out 10 sweaters and styles to help you fall into

  • I’ll start by saying I have NO green thumb. I’ve actually managed to kill all the plants I’ve owned… until now. These babies are here to stay! One, because our condo looks so much better with them and two, I can’t afford to keep replacing them...

  • “The Season” has arrived! I’m aware this doesn’t make me unique, but I’m a fall fanatic! There’s the perfect mixture of crisp air, vibrant colors, and wanting to sneak on that extra layer. It might be that my birthday is in October, so I relate fall to family and cake or just the

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